Technical Information

Internet Connectivity

Internet Lines

We can provide up to 1000 Mbits (1Gbit) symmetric Internet Connectivity (dedicated connection ratio 1:1).

IP Addresses

Our External IP Ranges:
if your service provider/contractor if filtering traffic please ask them to white list the above addresses.


We do NOT filter or block any Internet or Local network traffic however if you use our infrastructure for any purpose that is unlawful or otherwise prohibited we will terminate your connection immediately!

NAT (Internal Networks)

We use NAT where each VLAN translates to dedicated external IP address (VLAN(ID) Ranges: 150-190).
Internal IP Ranges: 10.VLAN(ID).x.x/20, Internal IPs would be automatically assigned by DHCP server.

Telephone Lines

Analogue Telephone Lines

We can provide up to 2 Analogue (PSTN) Lines for PDQ/FAX machines (no dial prefix is required).
Telephone Numbers:

VoIP (Internet Based) Telephone Lines

We can provide up to 20 VoIP Telephones.
Telephone Numbers:0203 327 2801-0203 327 2819


Wireless Infrastructure

We maintain large enterprise level wireless infrastructure that can handle high dense environment, depending on the usage our infrastructure can handle around 2000 simultaneously connected devices.
All levels at Old Billingsgate have wireless coverage.
We can deploy up to 6 independent wireless networks and we can customize the wireless name and passwords as per your requirements.